Cryogenic ISO Tank T75 Usage for LN2 Transportation in Indonesia

PT Cendanawati Logistik Indonesia (CLI) as ISO Tank Container seller and rental provider provides the ISO Tank for LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) transportation and storage.  The ISO Tank type is cryogenic type T75 size 20 feet which able to store the cargo up to  minus 196o C. After loaded, the said ISO Tank is carried by truck-flatbed or by ship. The users of this ISO Tank are the gas producers and gas traders. At the moment, Nitrogen is used in Indonesia by oil & gas industry for purging, blanketing, maintaining pressure and in production in the well. Liquid nitrogen is obtained from open air by air separator unit (ASU) plant.

CLI acts as exclusive agent in Indonesia for the ISO Tank manufacturer Chengxi (Taizhou) Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (CET), a company based in China. The ISO Tank is marketed under sale and leasing term. Beside LN2, this ISO Tank also suitable for other products such as Liquid Oxygen (LO2), Acetylene, Argon, LNG and Carbon-dioxide (LCO2) with maximum designed tank pressure is 2.2 MPa. For further information, please contact us by email at .

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