PT Cendanawati Logistik Indonesia (abbreviated as CLI) is subsidiary of PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk (abbreviated as BLT), an Indonesian prominent and reputable shipping company.  

CLI is focusing on logistics and transportation business of LNG and others cryogenic liquid industrial gasses such as LN2, LO2, LCO2, LAR and LAcetylene.

LNG as greener energy plays important role in the energy transition for better environment. Therefore in the near future the LNG demand and its supply chain will increase significantly.

Established in 2021 CLI has become one of recognized and reliable players in fulfilling ISO Tank Container market for  cryogenic liquid industrial gasses and LNG in Indonesia.

As sole agent  of CET (CSSC) our ISO tank products have been used in various projects and sites located in Indonesian archipelago. Our products have been known for our high quality and reliability. Our products are produced with the latest high standard quality in accordance with international standard by ASME/GB/ISO 1496-3/IMDG/CCC/CSC/CSA B625 TC Impact.

CLI has been awarded for supply of ISO Tank in various gas companies including Indonesian gas state owned companies.

CLI strive for continuous development to support Indonesia energy transition toward reducing CO2 emission and Global warming for better environment.



To be preferred and most trusted partner for a cleaner energy distribution


To provide best solutions with quality and innovation.

PT Cendanawati Logistik Indonesia

ISO Tank T75 Container and other Cryogenic Vessels Provider

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