Cendanawati Logistik Indonesia

Indonesian Prominent and Reputable Shipping Company.



  • Latest international standards, security is guaranteed, meet the requirements of sea and road combined transportation
  • Advanced vacuum technology, can be activated many times, longer vacuum retention time
  • Excellent vacuum insulation performance, low static evaporation rate, super long maintenance time, >90 days.
  • Large volume, for the current international market leader.

About The Company

PT Cendanawati Logistik Indonesia (CLI) is subsidiary of  PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk (BLT), an Indonesian prominent and reputable shipping company. 

CLI is focusing on logistics business in LNG transportation.

CLI is sole marketing agent of Chengxi (Taizhou) Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (CET), a High-end Equipment Manufacturing, Science and Technology Leading Company producing LNG ISO tank T75.


Excellent Vacuum Insulation Performance, Low Static Evaporation Rate, Super Long Maintenance Time, >90 days.

The liquid phase pipeline is set with emergency cut-off valve, remote draw rope mechanical structure design, to relieve the uncertainty brought by pneumatic, and effectively prevent the occurrence of secondary hazards in transportation accidents.

The inner tank adopts ASME Strain Reinforcement Technology (SRT) to reduce the product cost on the premise of minimizing the thickness and ensuring the tank strength. Greatly enhance the market competitiveness of the products.

Unique technical requirements: to ensure that when using the Strain Reinforcement Technology (SRT), the inner tank is only slightly expanded. It greatly improves the tank casing space and improves Low Temperature Performance.

High Vacuum Composite Adiabatic; Low Temperature Adiabatic Performance exceeds industry standard.


Our principal Chengxi (Taizhou) Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. (CET) is a joint venture corporation by CSSC Chengxi Shipyard Co., Ltd (a China state-owned modern enterprise) and Hong Kong Brilliant Hero Industrial Ltd.

Located at strategic location, Xingang Industrial Park in Jingjiang city of Jiangsu province it has good access and advantage in road and water way transportation as it is adjacent to the big cities like Shanghai, Nanjing, Nantong and Suzhou.

With the comprehensive strengths and good reputation accumulated in shipbuilding and conversion over the past decades, the Company has entered into the high-end equipment manufacturing business in recent years, producing Low Temperature Pressure Vessels, Energy Equipment, Environmental Protection Equipment, Infrastructure Equipment, etc.

Main Facility

Major Client


Wisma BSG 10th floor, Jl. Abdul Muis No.40,
Jakarta Pusat 10160
Phone : (+62-21) 30060300
Fax : +(62-21) 30060300
Email : commercial@cendanawati.co.id
Website: www.cendanawati.co.id
AOH : +62811 880270

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